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Information for prospective students and parents

Friday 10 April 2009, by Administrateur

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Information for prospective students and parents

What is the International Section ? How is admission organised ? What tuition is offered ?

Through its system of international programmes, the French Ministry of Education offers qualified students an exceptional opportunity to benefit from a unique blend of educational methods as practised in France and in other countries. The British international section at the Collège Jacques Monod works within this framework, offering a programme that is adapted to children of different backgrounds : those who have spent a long period of time in an English-speaking country, those who speak English at home or those who have learned English to a high level, for example, in a bilingual school.

The International section opened in September 2009. Now all four levels from 6e to 3e (Years 7-10 GB/6th-9th grade US) are taught, preparing students for entry into the International section at Lycée level. Students in the International section at the Collège Jacques Monod prepare for the French brevet examination at the end of 3ème, with its international option (in English and History/Geography). They also start preparation for the GCSE in English Language and Literature.

Admission to the section is offered upon successful completion of the entrance tests. These are generally held in May and August. Admission is by entrance test - for all pupils and at all levels - with a limited number of places available. For secondary pupils coming from non-French or private schools, Collège J. Monod also tests in mathematics and French.

Currently, the International Section offers 8 hours of English tuition per week : 4 hours in English language and literature and 4 hours in History/Geography. As this is a state-run public French school, all other subjects are taught in French. A special course for “French as a foreign language” is available to non-French speakers. There are no tuition fees.

Please consult the other articles on this site for further details about the Collège Jacques Monod. For further information on admission procedure please send an email to the address below (subject heading : International section)

Collège Jacques MONOD :
Avenue du Capitaine Brutus
13170 Les Pennes Mirabeau
Tél : (+33)
Fax :
Mail : [ce.0132565t@ac-aix-marseille.fr->mailto:ce.0132565t@ac-aix-marseille.fr]


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